Paintings 2018

Yes, my way is there.
In the purity of the being who opens up and frees himself from his limits.
Unfolding to be the momentum of life, which is traced and created, from moment to moment.
Aquarelle montagne dans la brume, monochrome bleu Mist,
Watercolour, 20 x 30
peinture danseuse, tableau femme danse, femme rouge, lune noire Black moon,
Oil on card stock, 37 x 60
Peinture danseuse, tableau danse, femme rouge et lune noire Flight,
Oil on card stock, 37 x 60
peinture danse, danseur butô, lune rouge Red moon,
Oil on card stock, 43 x 56
danse butô, peinture danseur, lune rouge Moon spirit,
Oil on card stock, 43 x 56
peinture être, tableau bleu de prusse, homme en meditation Loneliness,
Oil on card stock, 20 x 60
tableau danse, calligraphie bleu, peinture danseur Impetus,
Oil on card stock, 39 x 60
peinture huile au couteau, tableau silhouette, bleu de prusse Silence, 
Oil on card stock, 20 x 42
tableau portrait de De vinci d'Estelle Darve Leonardo Da Vinci,
Oil on canvas paper, 50 x 65
peinture chat bleu, tableau chat endormi, bleu de prusse Sleepy cat,
Oil on card stock, 30 x 30