Paintings 2019

Call from the depths who wants to express himself, to unfold his light...
Leaving room for the forces of life, fire that pulsates in the womb, radiates in the heart and is embodied by the creative act.
Lotus, peinture bleu "Recueil",
oil on cardboard, 40 x 55
Lotus, peinture rouge et jaune Light dancer,
Oil on card stock, 39 x 65
Tableau lotus, clair obscur Shine,
Oil on card stock, 60 x 73
Peinture lotus, tableau lotus Deploy,
Oil on card stock, 60 x 66.5
Tableau bouton de lotus Sentinel of Awakening,
Oil on card stock, 25 x 80
Tableau pomme, peinture huile verte et rouge, nature morte Big apple,
Acrylic on paper, 71.5 x 71.5
Peinture pomme, tableau rouge orange et bleu, nature morte Fire apple,
Acrylic on paper, 22 x 22
Tableau pomme, peinture acrylique, nature morte verte et rouge Little apple,
Acrylic on paper, 15 x 15
Peinture femme rouge, tableau femme envoilée marchant Walk,
Oil on canvas paper, 50 x 65
Tableau montagne et brume, peinture camailleu de bleu When the mystery unfolds,
Acrylic on paper, 62 x 62
Peinture paysage montagne dans la brume, tableau bleu de prusse Mountain,
Oil on card stock, 45.5 x 80
Tableau montagne dans la lumière du couchant, montagne de feu Mountain of light,
Oil on card stock, 60 x70
Peinture glycine, tableau bleu de prusse Glycine
Oil on cardboard, 60 x 60