"Mue" Paintings and poems 2022/...

Body matter Body vibration
Exploration of bodies sketched on the spot with large strokes of charcoal
Materials to paint
I plunge into the finesse of shadow and light
Dancing lace that reveals the shapes that reveals the lines
The chiaroscuro appears transforming the body into a jewel that I chisel with great blows of shadow so that the light exalts itself
Material bodies that vibrate beyond identity to better honour the beauty of the body and thus their sacredness
Matter then becomes vibration
These paintings have allowed me to reappropriate my body. To bring back light and beauty where there was only the sensation of defilement.
Through these nudes, I honour the body in its beauty, in its sensuality. I honour what can emerge from us when we offer ourselves to the other. To reveal the preciousness of this gift that does not have to be stolen, plundered or taken by force.
It is a priceless gift to be honoured and respected.
It is this gaze that I wish to rekindle in both women and men.
A look at oneself and a look at the other.
To give back its sacredness to our bodies in sexuality which is above all, for me, a sharing of love and life.
During the exhibitions, these paintings are accompanied by poems that retrace my path in the face of the resurgence in my memory of the sexual abuse I experienced in my childhood. They reflect what breaks and leaks inside when there is abuse, but also what ignites like the fire of anger. And finally how it can be released and transformed into a force of life and love...